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Thank you for visiting! Please note that Dianna is currently on maternity leave until early 2016. If you have an enquiry or are seeking an appointment please contact Dianna in the new year. Thanks for your understanding.

Dianna Martino, Naturopath

Experienced Holistic Newcastle Naturopath Dianna Martino provides naturopathic consultations from Adamstown in Newcastle, as well as Skype and telephone sessions for people outside of the Newcastle area . Whether you are having problems with your weight or have a particular health concern that you would like treated comprehensively, a good Naturopath can provide you with a wealth of expertise and care to assist you in achieving your optimal health and best life.

For many of us there is a health concern that we have been meaning to address for some time. Whether it’s a feeling of constant stress or worry, a sense that you have not felt the same since a certain point in your life, or maybe the frustration of not being able to lose weight and keep it off no matter what you’ve tried, there are health goals that each of us desire to achieve.


Naturopathy in Newcastle: Natural, safe methods to regain your health and balance your life.

Many people know of Naturopathy, but few are aware of the extensive set of tools that it provides for coping with stress, improving emotional well-being, reducing weight, building immune systems, overcoming fatigue and restoring the body to its healthy, natural state. Modern naturopathy employs a number of systematic and proven treatments delivered by accredited professionals through personal consultation in order to help you achieve your health goals. Make sure your naturopath is accredited, the main associations are ANTA, ATMS, ANPA and NHAA mainly for herbalists.

Dianna is also a professionally trained and experienced coach, so you get a  more than a standard naturopathic session. You actually get long lasting results because you learn what is the real cause of your concerns and can change at the causal level as you work together with Dianna. Dianna listens to you and cares about your wellbeing and this is the number one priority with all of her clients.  Now is the time to meet your potential and be who you really are in this world, as your time here is limited. Working with Dianna is fun, and you will make the changes that make the difference. Don’t stay stuck and not knowing what to do any longer, call 0404 787 360 and get started on taking care of yourself today!

Major health funds extras cover provide rebates for Naturopathic consultations, check with your health fund to confirm your rebate.

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