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Press Release

8th February 2012

Holistic Melbourne Naturopath

Returns from U.S. training – awarded highest level

NET Certification.


Melbourne naturopath Dianna Martino has been an integral part of the community for many years now, and Dianna continues to keep at the forefront of the natural health profession with ongoing training and conference attendance, both here and overseas.


Dianna Martino recently returned from San Diego USA, having completed an intensive course in an ‘integrated mind/body therapy technique’, known as the NET Stress Relief Technique, so described because of the direct relationship between a patient’s stress and their physiology.


Dianna has integrated the technique into her practice for some time now, and she has been at the forefront of the technique’s growth in Australia.


“Often, patients go through life suffering aches and pains and reoccurring discomforts, owing to the direct link emotions play in overall health. NET can prove so effective because it addresses that close mind/body relationship,” Dianna explains.


“For example, at a very basic level, when you look back and remember a positive memory, you’ll feel better physically. If it’s negative, you’ll instantly feel worse. Often these physiological changes occur at a subconscious level. NET is a simple, safe technique we successfully use to ‘unlock’ those negative emotional triggers, resulting in a feeling of lightness, well-being and great relief.”


NET was developed by an American chiropractor, Dr Scott Walker, who used his knowledge of Chinese medicine and Applied Kinesiology to develop a robust technique to help his patients overcome obstacles to better health and well-being.


It is now increasingly being recognised as being an effective treatment to assist in better health and well-being by many traditional practitioners.


Dianna invests heavily in techniques that can help get to the bottom of one’s discomfort and create long lasting change, for example NET and specialised coaching and mindset methodologies.


As Dianna explains, “I’m also very much about clearly communicating results of examinations and providing recommended programs of care to ensure the client’s optimum health.”


Dianna Martino consults and coaches from Ashwood, Keysborough and Melbourne CBD.

Email:         info@naturalhelp.com.au

Web:          www.naturalhelp.com.au

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