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Weight Loss

Need to lose some weight? You’re not the only one- almost 60% of Australians and New Zealanders are overweight.

Naturopathic weight loss is safe, effective and results based. On our specialised weight loss program you can expect to lose 0.5 to 2 kilos of fat per week, and learn how to keep it off.

The weight loss program is called ‘Shake It’ and emphasizes good natural food, and supports your body in ‘ketosis’. This is a state of fat burning that ensures you are losing FAT and not MUSCLE. This is important, as loss of muscle mass means it is more difficult to maintain the weight loss and it interupts your metabolism (your ability to burn calories). This is what often happens when people yo-yo diet. Hence the rebound weight gain. With the ‘Shake It’ fat loss program we ensure that you burn fat and we monitor  this using urine test strips and Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA). BIA indicates your fat and muscle mass in kg and percentages, amongst other signs of health, that enable us to tailor your weight loss program especially to you as you are right now.

For clear and concise information on the health risks associated with being overweight, click on the following link:

Health Risks

To find out your Body Mass Index (BMI) and if you are at risk, visit:

BMI calculator

Remember- your BMI does not take into account how much of your weight is muscle and fat, and hence how much weight you actually need to lose. You can find this out with Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA).