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Can I get a rebate from my health fund?

Yes! If you have private health insurance with extras cover including naturopathy with any of the following health funds, then you are entitled to a rebate on the consultation fee. Rebates can be processed on the spot with most funds.

  • Australian Regional Health Group (see individual ARHG funds below)
  • ahm Health Insurance
  • Australian Unity
  • BUPA
    • HBA
    • Mutual Community
  • CBHS Friendly Society
  • GU Health
  • HBF
  • HCF
  • Manchester Unity
  • Medibank Private
  • NIB
  • RBHS
  • WorkCover, WorkSafe

Australian Regional Health Group (ARHG) Individual Funds:

  • ACA Health Benefits Fund
  • Cessnock & District Health Benefits Fund
  • CUA Health Limited
  • Defence Health
  • GMF Health
  • Health Care Insurance Limited
  • Health Partners
  • HIF
  • Latrobe Health Services
  • Mildura District Hospital Fund
  • Navy Health
  • Onemedifund
  • Peoplecare Health
  • Phoenix Health Fund
  • Police Health
  • Queensland Country Health
  • Railway & Transport Health Fund
  • St Lukes Health
  • Teachers Federation Health
  • Teachers Union Health
  • Transport Health
  • Westfund

What will happen when I come to see a naturopath?

Upon booking in for your initial appointment, you will be asked to complete a health history questionnaire. During your initial appointment we will gather information about your situation, your health history and results that you would like to achieve. This will be followed by a series of non-invasive, easy and painless tests, to gather more information about your current health status. Tests may include:

  • cellular health analysis (body fat, muscle, hydration, biological age and cellular health),
  • vitamin and mineral status,
  • blood pressure,
  • iridology,
  • muscle testing,
  • hair mineral analysis,
  • urine testing,
  • hormonal profiles,
  • and more or less as required.

After the initial consultation I will then analyse the results of the tests and put together a treatment plan to help you arrive at your goals. All of this information will be presented to you in a Report of Findings and treatment plan in your second consultation.

Once you have accepted your mission, I am here to help you along the way. Regular review and reassessment is crucial to identify your body’s response to the treatment and to adjust treatment as needed.

What type of care do you provide?

There are three types of care that I provide; ideally you will receive all of them.

1. Symptomatic care

Here we provide relief from symptoms. A useful analogy is if your home had a leaky roof, symptomatic care is like putting a bucket under the leak.

2. Corrective care

This type of care means that we look for what is causing your symptoms in the first place and aim to restore health here. In regards to the leaky roof analogy, we put a bucket under the leak and then we go up on the roof and find the cause of the leak and fix it.

3. Preventative care

Prevention is better than cure. Once you have achieved wellness, we want to make sure that you stay well. Once the leaky roof is repaired, we maintain it so that the problem does not reoccur- we clean the gutters, maintain the roof, etc. In regards to your maintenance, we perform check- ups every few months on a long term basis.

How do I get access to your facebook updates?

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