Dianna Martino - Holistic Naturopath & Coach

Holistic Adelaide Naturopath


The practice of Naturopathy is based on six guiding principles:

1-      First Do No Harmprimum non nocere

The use of safe and effective practices.

2-      The Healing Power of Nature- vis medicatrix naturae

The body possesses the innate ability to heal itself, the role of the physician is to facilitate this process.

3-       Find and Treat the Underlying Cause- tolle causam

The cause of your symptoms are sought and treated. Symptoms are a response by the body to an underlying cause.

4-      Treat the Person as a Whole- tolle totum

You are not your disease or symptoms. You are a complex and unique creation, requiring specialised and wholistic care.

5-      The Physician as Teacher- docere

To educate, empower and motivate you.

6-       Prevention is the Best Cure- praevenire

Prevention is the speciality of naturopaths. Assessment of your risk factors and family history can provide valuable information to devise specialised intervention strategies.