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A Naturopath’s List of Newcastle Favourites

Since I moved from Melbourne to Newcastle in January 2013, I have come to love a few things about Newcastle. Here is a quick summary of first impressions.

Firstly, it must be the beaches. I love arriving at the top of Bar Beach in my car with my fiancé and little fur baby, seeing the waves crash in, especially when the sun is just starting to go down. There is such raw natural beauty in the ocean; it never fails to impress me. I am yet to use the Merewether Sea Baths but am looking forward to the warmer weather so that I can.

Secondly, the pace of life in Newcastle is relatively relaxing having just moved from Melbourne. There is no need to sit in endless traffic to get to where you need to go. Also, it is great how easy going and accepting Novocastrians seem to be, this lets visitors and new-comers like myself feel at ease when out and about.

Finally, there is a hip and healthy scene emerging. You can go to Goodness Me Organics (Adamstown) for a Paleo Breakfast, or go to Earth’s Garden Organic Café (Islington) for a relaxing Sunday brunch. If you like the convenience of having your organic groceries brought to you I highly recommend Organic Feast. There’s also a great network of health practitioners and I feel so excited to be part of this network in serving such a great community.