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Are You Stressed Out?

Stress is constant with many of us in today’s world. Stress can cause you to feel anxious, tense, out of control, tired, irritable and stress ages and depletes your body. Emotions such as anger, frustration, boredom, sadness and the like put your body into a state that feeds on itself and can become a downward spiral of negativity and ill health. You may have a higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, decreased resistance to infections, weight gain, depression, anxiety and increased sensitivity to pain as well as a whole host of other ailments.   The good news is that you have the power to change the way you live your life and the outcome is in your hands. The first step is to recognize and become aware of your emotions and when you are feeling stressed.

What you can do to De-Stress


The relaxation response is a great stress buster that can be practiced any time. When was the last time that you felt calm and relaxed? Where were you and what were you doing? Who was there, what else was going on? Identify all of the elements and use this information to recreate relaxation in your life now.

  • Deep breathing as a relaxation technique
  • Mindfulness and meditation

Remedies for Natural Stress Relief

The natural therapist’s tool box is teeming with herbs, vitamins, minerals, homoeopathics and techniques to support your body in stress management.

What you can do at home:

  • Herbal tea: Chamomile and Lemon balm tea
  • Lavender- burn the essential oil for relaxation, or add a few drops to a warm bath.
  • Magnesium- the mineral of relaxation. Found in dark green leafy vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, and dark chocolate.
  • Take a break- it’s ok, the world will be there when you are ready to play again.
  • Sugar- leave it alone, it only increases stress on your body. Try some fresh raw nuts and seed, a piece of fresh or dried fruit, almond butter on crackers or celery, your body will love you for it!

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) for Natural Stress Relief

Perhaps your body responds is a stressed manner to certain situations because there are stuck negatively charged emotions that your body is unable to let go. NET can find out if this is the case, and help your body to let go of these personal stresses. The 2 minute stress relief technique is quick, fun, easy, and helps 80% of people to feel better right away.

Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA): Monitor the Effects of Stress on Your Body

Are you damaging or nourishing your body? Are you ageing your body faster? BIA will show you how your body is coping with stress in an easy to read graph based report. Mental and emotional stress has negative effects on your physical body.

Stress Test

Find out how stressed your body is with BIA, a simple questionnaire and a heart rate variability monitor  and see if your stress reduction techniques are really working!


Dianna Martino

Bachelor or Natural Therapies, Adv. Dip. Naturopathy, Adv. Dip. Western Herbal Medicine.
Naturopath, Certified NET practitioner 
Member of Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)

Dianna Martino is currently based in Newcastle on the NSW Central Coast, and sees clients out of her Adamstown location as well over the phone and internet in certain circumstances.  

E-mail info@naturalhelp.com.au or contact Dianna to discuss your needs.