Dianna Martino - Holistic Naturopath & Coach

Holistic Adelaide Naturopath

Natural Products in your Home

Why does it matter if you use natural products? People are becoming more aware and educated about the negative health effects of chemical based cleaning and personal care items, as well as the environment that you create around yourself. Exposure to chemicals and toxins place a burden on your body as it tries to process and eliminate these unnecessary and potentially harmful substances. This is especially important for pregnant women, infants and children. Here is a list of some of my personal choices for use with the family and in the home:

  • Wotnot Baby wipes
  • Homemade baby wipes- with organic cloth and gentle baby wash solution
  • Cloth nappies
  • Disposable nappies that are more natural and are biodegradable include: Ecoriginals, Bambo, Naty
  • Household cleaning- Envirocare, Abode
  • Make your own household cleaning products with vinegar, bicarbonate soda, and essential oils. For cleaning the potty and toilet a vinegar solution works well. You can add a couple of drops of an essential oil such as eucalyptus or lavender.
  • Wotnot suncream
  • Weleda skin care, baby bottom balms if needed

There are many more natural alternatives to the usual items we see on the supermarket shelves. Home-made items can work well, and you know exactly what is in them. Also consider if you actually need to use some items at all, for example- perfumes, body sprays, hair spray and hair products, air fresheners, and more.