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Simple Self-Care Strategies

We spend some much of our time taking care of things outside of our self; such as work, other people, administration, housework, renovations, garden, bills, appointments… the list goes on, and we can often leave our selves last on the list. To consciously decide to take care of yourself in a loving and nurturing way can transform how you feel and how you are in the rest of your daily interactions.

Here are some suggestions for self-care:

  • Daily 5 minute meditation practice (see up-coming blog for guidance)
  • Set aside 30 minutes to meal plan weekly. Include nourishing foods full of vegetables that you can cook simply each day, or in bulk to reheat for those extra busy days.
  • Go to bed early to get your 8-9 hours of sleep every night.
  • What have you been meaning to do for yourself? Is it get a massage, take a bath, spend time with an old friend, read a book, take yourself out for brunch? Prioritise this gift to yourself.
  • Watch your thoughts. Every time you notice negative thoughts or unnecessary worries creeping in, switch the thought to a loving one. Or find something beautiful around you, like the sky or a tree and take a moment to become present. If it is a real problem that you need to sort out, sit down and give it your full attention to resolve or work out your next step.
  • Take yourself outside. Sit under a tree or go for a walk. Nature can do wonders in refreshing our bodies and minds.

It is easy to let our minds fill up with things to do and memories past, it is also important to give to ourselves a mental break. This type of break is not necessarily easy, but is a nurturing step in the direction of coming home to yourself.