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Preconception Program

Are you ready to start a family? The healthiest baby starts with the parents. Before conceiving your baby you may like to consider getting in your best health in order to not only have the best chance of feeling great during pregnancy, but also to pass on healthy genetic material for your baby to be created from. The best time to clean up your body as well as you can is before you conceive. Once the sperm finds the egg, the process has began and you cannot start again.

It takes two to tango. This means that best results for baby require both mum and dad to take care of their own health. 50% of baby’s genetic material comes from mum, and you guessed it, the other 50% from dad. Therefore treating mum is only half of the picture.

The natural preconception program may help to overcome issues such as infertility, low sperm count, low birth weight, premature birth and more.

You do not need to have a history of infertility to partake in the preconception program. All you need is the desire for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

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