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Stress Free Super Heart Coaching Program

Do you feel stuck and not sure what to do? Do you feel stressed, disconnected and perhaps even angry, sad or resentful? Take a moment to reflect on the type of emotions that you are experiencing on a day to day basis. Are your emotions predominantly negative or positive?

If you have just realised that there is a lot of negativity, anger, resentment, sadness, frustration and the like in your life, is that the experience of life that you would like to continue to have? Or would you prefer to feel happy, love, joy and a deeper connection with others from here on in? Well the good news is that you can learn to decrease your feelings of stress, anger and negative emotions in a few short seconds, if you are willing to try!

Research has found the profound influence our hearts have on our brains and biology, as well as the effect of your heart and how you feel on the people around you. The signals your heart sends to your brain influence perception of what is happening around you, processing of emotions and higher cognitive functions. No longer is it believed that your brain is in control of your body, we now realize the significant impact of the heart not only on a physiological level but also an emotional level.

Yes, emotions happen in your body! Emotions are physical substances called ‘neuro peptides’ and ‘information substances’ that float around in your body and attach to different body systems such as your immune system and influence how it functions. This knowledge is becoming more widespread as research is released to the general public. You may already know this from personal experience, but for those of you who need science to believe, it now exists and has for some time. Did you know that just five minutes of remembering or recalling a time when you were angry can reduce your immune health for six hours? Real time anger may have even more distressing effects. The significance of how you feel and what you do next with your emotions cannot be underestimated for its effects on not only your quality of life, but your physical and mental health.

A more peaceful experience of life begins with you. You have the ability to influence your own feelings and emotions with a consequent positive effect on your physical and mental health as well as on the people around you. Just by taking responsibility for your experience of life and emotions and learning this well researched and effective technique, you can positively impact how you deal with life challenges and be an inspiration to others. Can you imagine that? Help yourself and this action will help those people around you.

A quick and simple test is available to measure how well your body is coping with your life and the impact this is having on your health. From here the only way is up!

The 4 week ‘Stress Free Super Heart Coaching’ Program is available for those of you who are ready to embrace the power of your heart and break free of those negative life experiences. These sessions are one on one and run once per week for approximately one hour per session. The sessions are available by telephone and Skype. You will finish the program with tools to last you a lifetime to deal with stress and live a life in health and emotional power.

Proven benefits of the ‘Stress Free Super Heart Coaching’ Program:

  • Reverse the negative impacts of stress
  • Calm, clear thinking
  • Improved cognitive performance
  • Emotional stability enhancement
  • Feelings of calm and well-being
  • Reduced blood pressure in hypertension (McCraty, 2001)
  • Improvements in asthma (Lehrer, 2000)
  • Improved anti-aging hormone DHEA
  • Decreased stress hormone cortisol
  • Improved memory, decision making, creativity and problem solving

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